Workwear Online Ltd in association with pigeonwear.com brings your organisation a new way to raise funds. Having personalised garments help to build spirit and pride, whilst at the same time raising awareness of your club. It’s a fundraising idea which promotes your club long after you have raised funds from it.

Even if you already sell clothing to your members, we can make it simpler for you to offer a wider choice of both garments and design features.

We can set up, free of charge, your own custom website. You choose the garments that you wish to promote and the logo’s and wording you wish to  offer. We do all the rest.



Members are able to select the garment, it’s size and colour.

They then choose the placement of their logo whether they want embroidery or printing. Subject to agreement with the club, we can also offer the opportunity for them to add their own name or wording making the garment a unique gift which is even more desirable.

Once members have chosen their selection, the website will show them a preview of what they are ordering, calculate the cost to include chosen carriage method and process the order. Payment is taken and the member will receive an email confirming their order and advising of anticipated delivery date.




Þ Confidence in the quality of  products because you choose what you want to retail

Þ No minimum order

Þ No restrictions on number of items, sizes or  colours on offer

Þ No costly stockpile

Þ Orders, payments & distribution are processed for you

Þ Regular payments based upon orders completed.



Contact Simon on 0845 862 2519 for more details



Selling personalised clothing with us is nice and simple for both the organisation and the members involved. There are no hidden fees or extra costs. Once you register, your website will be created specifically for your organisation. Fundraising is ongoing, which means you will receive 10% commission for all orders that come in through your  website.


Ordering online is very easy for quality clothing. Members will love using your custom webstore and selecting from your chosen range of products, using the special previewer that shows the finished product, before placing an order. With secure payment options and   delivery direct to your customer, we ship orders as soon as they are produced so anyone can order anything at any time.

It is simple to order, we do all the  processing and your club will share in the benefits.


Check out our example website www.yourcarclub.org


Existing members